Fall 2017: Existentialism

Syllabus Office Hours: T/Th, 15:15-17:20 Schedule of Readings: Thursday, Sept. 7 Introduction to Existentialism 1. Listen to BBC, In our Time, “Existentialism” (podcast). 2. Steven Crowell, “Existentialism,” Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Tuesday, Sept. 12 Read: Friedrich Nietzsche, Genealogy of Morals, Essay 1. *If you have not received an email from me, please email me at my […]

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Fall 2017: CRW in Ethics

SYLLABUS Office Hours: T/Th, 15:15-17:20 Schedule of Readings (Please check the website each week for any updates on reading and other assignments): Thursday, Sept. 7 1.     Introduction to Ethics. 2.     Overview of normative versus ontological claims. Tuesday, Sept. 12 1.     Read: Arendt’s “What is Authority,” pp. 1-16. 2. Read Douglas B. Klusmeyer, “Hannah Arendt […]

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PHL 4849/6849: The New Derrida

  The New Derrida (Full Syllabus as Word doc) This graduate level course takes up a bold and risky title, not just simply to study the work of Jacques Derrida, but to introduce and think through a supposedly new Derrida, which happens to share the title with a book I’m co-writing this semester with Rick […]

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Winter 2017: Phenomenology

PHL 3920: PHENOMENOLOGY Peter Gratton, PhD Class Time, Location: T/R, 10:30-11:45 SN 1019 Office Hours: T/TH 12:00-2:00pm and by appointment Phenomenology is one the most important movements in philosophy over the last one hundred years. This course will look to understand first what phenomenology is in terms of its founding thinkers, especially Edmund Husserl. We […]

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Winter 2017: Introduction to Philosophy

PHL 1200: INTRODUCTION TO PHILOSOPHY Peter Gratton, PhD Winter 2017 Class Time, Location: T/TH 1400-1515 ED 2018B Office Hours: T/TH 12:00-2:00pm and by appointment Syllabus Description: What is philosophy? Does one need training to become a philosopher? What is the relationship between the philosopher and the culture surrounding him/her? In this class, we will read […]

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CRW in Ethics (Fall 2016)

      Critical Reading and Writings in Ethics **please note 11/6 revisions to syllabus below** Dr. Peter Gratton, Dept. of Philosophy T/Th: 9:00-10:15, A-3020 Winter 2016 Office Hours: T/Th, 10:15-11:00 and by appointment, AA3102 Course web site: grattoncourses.wordpress.com Syllabus (The most up-to-date schedule of readings will always be online below. Check back often to […]

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Winter 2016: Introduction to Metaphysics

  PHIL 2000: Introduction to Metaphysics Syllabus M/W/F, 1100-1150am, A 2071 Peter Gratton, PhD Office Hours: M/W/F 12:00-1:30pm and by appointment, AA3102 Class Cancellations: If class is cancelled for any reason, the cancellation will be posted under the cancellations section of the main page of the Memorial University website. Also note, the schedule on the […]

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